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Made For This Podcast Episode 22: Real Talk

Hey everyone!

Oh my goodness it feels so good to be back with you all! On this episode I fill you in on just why I've been a bit absent the past few (ok many) months. Hint: some of the crazy may or may not be a direct result of our septic system backing up INTO OUR HOME; an event we now refer to as "the poop flood". Yeah, yeah, go ahead with all of the jokes: "Wow, sounds like you've had a really CRAPPY start to the year!" "Man, 2018's really been the poops for you."

Ha ha. That's really funny from all of you all who've likely NOT ever had to experience AN ACTUAL POOP FLOOD.

In all seriousness, it's been a crazy 2018, but I loved having a chance to share a little bit about what I've been learning through it all. One thing being that oh my goodness we need each other. I hope this episode helps you feel like you're not alone in this crazy up and down journey of life and that you can find at least a thread of encouragement hearing that I'm right there with ya muddling through as best as I can, trying to find joy and purpose in the midst of it all.

Thanks so much for listening! I hope your year has been much less gross. ;)


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