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Practice Tips

Posture First: Set the stage for a great practice session by making sure you are seated properly at the piano (check height, and distance from the piano) and that you are using great posture: relaxed shoulders, sitting up tall, fingers curved in a beautiful C shape.


Set Reasonable Goals: Each practice session set specific goals!  Ask yourself, “What do I want to accomplish today?” and work toward those specific things.  This will help you stay focused and break your practice sessions apart into manageable sections.


Keep At It: Learning a new skill takes hard work, perseverance, and patience!  Be sure to keep at it, even when it’s difficult, and watch how your hard work begins to pay off!  These are incredible life skills that will serve you well both on and off the piano.


Mistakes Happen: Learning a new skill also takes humility!  Expect that you will make mistakes…lots of them.  This is all part of the experience.  When mistakes happen, be sure to stop, figure out what went wrong, and fix the mistake before moving on.  Practicing mistakes will teach your hands and muscles to play the music incorrectly and will make it harder and harder to fix. 


Bring the Song to Life: Music is so much more than notes on a staff!  It is a powerful and amazing form of art and each song tells a story!  It’s our job to bring the notes to life and help the song communicate all of the emotion that was intended to express!  Try to let yourself feel what the music is saying and to connect your emotions to the song. Playing with passion and feeling is one of the most important keys to your success as a musician!


Curiosity: Be curious! Ask questions! Music is rich and deep!  Enthusiasm and inquisitiveness will serve you well and lead you to a deeper understanding of music theory: the building blocks of this incredible art form. All of this knowledge will improve your playing by helping you have the tools you need to understand what you are playing, how you should be playing it (dynamics, tempo, etc), in order to most powerfully and accurately perform each song.


Metronomes Matter: Be sure to use a metronome when practicing!  This will greatly improve your consistency and accuracy.  You can easily purchase one from a local music store, or there are several free apps available as well!


Have fun:  Music is exciting and rewarding!  It is so valuable for teaching important life skills and even for your brain development!  Be sure to enjoy yourself as you embark on this incredible journey! 

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