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Made For This Podcast-Episode 19: Heather Connelly

Hello everyone!

I'm so excited to introduce you to my friend Heather Connelly on episode 19 of the "Made For This" Podcast! Heather is a wife to her husband Doug, a mom to five beautiful children, and she is currently the children's director at Stonehill Church in Meridian, Idaho which they helped start. We talk about her life in ministry, church planting...twice, and you will absolutely love her story of how God grew their incredible family.

In case you missed last week's episode with Justin and Patrick from I'll Push You, I wanted to extend another invitation to you to be a part of their ONE NIGHT ONLY showing of their incredible film: I'll Push You on November 2nd! This will be an amazing night where we can all join together and watch their incredible story of hope, friendship, overcoming, and the power of community on the big screen in theaters across America! Visit their website at to purchase tickets at a theater near you! And if you're in Boise, I look forward to seeing you there!

Thank you so much for listening! Be sure to hit subscribe over on iTunes so you don't miss a single conversation and I'd love to invite you to leave a comment while you're there! This really does help spread the word so that more people can hear from these amazing stories from ordinary people, living ordinary lives, with an extraordinary purpose.

Have a great week everyone!


Listen here:

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